Bank Liquidity

HCFFX in the open part of the fund to investors trading channel, but with the increasing volume of customer transactions, were signed 15 top international banks in order to provide the best trading liquidity for investors to increase good trading experience.

ECN / STP Trading Patterns

HCFFX No trader trading platform using straight-through transaction processing technology (ECN / STP), all orders of all customer transactions brokered directly with international banks and anonymously send and rapid turnover, these banks have a banking license and the legitimate forex liquidation qualifications, so investors fairs safer. The statistics, HCFFX orders turnover rate of 99.85% milliseconds turnover, turnover time of extreme market average is 0.5 milliseconds.

Provide Sufficient Liquidity

HCFFX signed a number of top international banks, in order to obtain a more adequate trading liquidity. This is one important difference between STP mechanisms and market maker mechanisms. In a market maker mechanism itself acts as a market maker trading liquidity providers, in other words, customers do not have to worry about the situation of illiquidity and transaction price deviations occur, but whether the transaction and the transaction price is the market maker to decide of; STP mechanism trading patterns are sent to the customer's order through HCFFX liquidity provider channel tomatically to its hedging transactions. When liquidity is not sufficient when the customer orders (especially the big orders) will be divided into a number of transactions executed in different banks list. This process is also in the response time in milliseconds between the customer does not have any transaction smooth feel. HCFFX hope that with more liquidity providers to cooperate in order to ensure institutional and ordinary customers deal more smoothly stable.

Lower Trading Spreads

Signed a number of top international banks, another advantage is to reduce trading spreads for investors. In MetaTrader 4 trading platform, due to software design, investors see the quotes are currently the best prices. This is the number of banks bidding system will automatically filter through the lowest point of difference, for the most advantageous offer investors show up and offer a deal. This is also the reason why the STP mode does not provide a fixed point difference. Therefore, the Chamber of Commerce to provide more liquidity to illiquidity possible influence spread width changes brought to a minimum.

In addition, HCFFX still the world's many high-end transaction server configuration to ensure stable trading platform can be connected at any time, to avoid the appearance of the case dropped.

HCFFX welcome all investors to trade in our platform, we will provide professional services to your satisfaction.