CPI in the euro area is higher than expected, the euro / dollar rose to 1.0900 above


Overnight by the European central bank governor Delagi's dovish remarks, the euro / dollar fell to test 1.0850, but has been in the level to get a good support to the dollar since Friday near that level to rise gradually. The European session in better than expected CPI data after the euro, the euro / dollar further up now rose to 1.0900 above, while the newspaper in 1.0931.
The top 1.0950 is still an important resistance level, this Tuesday and Wednesday has been blocked at that level, if broken, will mean revision on Monday opening rally has been completed, will open up further below the market. 1.0850 is clearly an important support, if it fell below the level, facing the correct depth of risk on Monday rose.
So Monday before mentioned, with the French general election and the first round of the past, this year's biggest political risk events - the French election has to a certain extent, there is not much risk, it will be a major positive for the euro, especially the recent euro zone economy has continued to improve, coupled with inflation rise, these factors will gradually promote the ECB policy shift, although still have no confidence in MR Draghi said overnight upward inflation.
On the contrary, the dollar situation is reversed at the end of last year, won the support of the Fed rate hike expectations and Trump's policies, but now the Trump policy seems to be elusive, and probably cannot satisfy markets. As of March the Fed rate hike dovish hike, its influence is greatly weakened.
The reversal in the fundamentals of the euro and the dollar is likely to support the rise of the currency, and the potential support seems to have been strong since the decline in the overnight euro / dollar decline in the wording of the Delagi doves