Why Choose Us ?

Why Choose Us ?

1.Access to the most liquid and prestigious financial markets: Foreign Exchange, Equity Indices, Oil, Gold & Silver and CFDs.

2.Low-cost trading: transparent and competitive the lowest dealing spreads.

3.Low margin: low fixed initial margin requirements available on all Forex and CFD instruments.

4.The fastest quality of trade execution: AUSFOREX operates a The fastest quality of trade execution on all FX pairs.

5.7*24-hour customer support: Account and Trading support.

6.Funds safety: HCFFX is a company authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom (FCA):500654).

7.Customisable, feature-rich, online trading platform: Our award winning trading platform offers a professional charting package with over 20 technical indicators, real-time Dow Jones news feed and a suite of risk management tools

8.Mobile trading: The MetaTrader 4 mobile trading app for iPhone, iPad and Android phones allows clients to access the markets and their accounts wherever they are.

9.An account to suit your experience: Both Standard and ECN accounts available.

*During market hours and normal market conditions. Stop Loss and Take Profit orders that close a position originally opened by a Stop Entry may also be subject to slippage

(1) Trading through a trusted broker;
When you create a HCFFX account, your choice is a development investment dealer brokers. We have always believed that the transaction should not be the only one to pursue, but should allow any interest in the market and have the ability to connect people in micro and macro economic events, are able to use this knowledge. Our aim is to provide all of the knowledge and tools for you, let you each transaction can most effectively grasp the market trend.
(2) No gift money;
We do not provide a kind of like casino bonus or trading CFDs profit making unrealistic propaganda. This is because of our customer's deposit losses in earnings from interest. For us, forex trading is a serious business, we strive to make our customers become a serious trader.
(3) No talking
When the introduction of new tools we are careful, we do not provide two yuan futures or spread betting on gambling facilities is the reason which does not conform to our business model. At the same time also does not introduce gambling mentality to trade. We believe that through our resources to put you in the real market to learn how to trade.
4) Focus on customers
The HCFFX in our education and training and provide information about foreign exchange transactions real to you, just point to promote your better deal. We provide all the resources you need to improve your knowledge and practice ability. Our goal is to let more people participate in the foreign exchange market, and help people make full use of all this market.
(5) Tools for each trader
Each transaction has its own tool.HCFFX has invested a lot to ensure that its traders make full ready. So, when you log on to your terminal and enter the market, you will have a competitive advantage for all. Quality education material, insightful comment on market, strong technical analysis a set of algorithms, trading facilities and services; HCFFX provides the necessary tools for you to complete your task.