Company Profile

Company profile

HCFFX was founded in London in 2006, in 2007 by the UK financial conduct authority (FCA) approved and under the overall supervision of.HCFFX is the world's leading online trading broker one, dedicated to investors, financial institutions, banks and brokers to provide professional online trading service provided by.HCFFX exchange (Forex) and CFD (CFDs) trading services, so that customers can all-weather 24 hours through the trading platform MetaTrader4 into the global financial market.

Our success is based on three important elements: strict regulatory supervision, continuous technological innovation and experienced team of excellent.HCFFX operation in the strict regulatory environment, high transparency and provides safe and reliable professional service for customers and partners.

In the establishment of the company, we have a clear and ambitious goal: through our efficient and robust trading platform MetaTrader4, bring perfect experience for customers and trading partners. We are committed to continued research and development of proprietary trading platform, put a lot of resources to improve our trading system. In addition, the company's most valuable asset and that is why we are proud of the international team, they have abundant financial market experience and qualifications, so that we can apply their professional knowledge to provide excellent service for customers and partners.

As a regulated institution, HCFFX meets the following regulatory requirements for customer financial security:

Capital isolation
All funds are fully HCFFX and the company's free cash isolation, and stored in a separate bank account. This is to ensure that customer funds will not be used for any other purpose. Our interim and annual financial statements audited by PWC in Cyprus.PWC is a leading global financial audit company, to ensure that the execution of our business to the highest possible standards.

Investor protection
HCF Partnership Ltd is a member of the financial services compensation plan (FSCS), which depends on the status and nature of the claim. Please refer to our legal documents and compensation policy for more details

Other measures we have taken
HCFFX customer funds will be separately in the different accounts of investment grade banks. These include investment bank Barclays Bank, Bank of America and Royal Bank of Scotland. The company's internal control to ensure the safety of customer funds deposited in different banks. We also regularly check the credit risk of bank customer funds deposited in the affected only. Isolation of customer funds Legal Norms of the bank.